Mapping Music

Welcome to, a resource for visual music mapping tools and information.  Music Plasma is a visual search service that allows music lovers to discover new bands and artists that are closely related to their favorites.  Our graphic interface lets you visualize how the groups are fused together. Just enter your favorite musical artist in the search bar below. A circle will appear on the music map. Click on it and chose expand to explore. makes it possible to find new music artists with styles a lot like your favorite performers. Within seconds, you can search for similar styles of music and save a list of music artists found for you. All it takes is a simple drag and drop procedure. When you are listening to music and you hear something that you like, check it on Music Plasma to find similar bands that you may like. The software working behind the scenes is so efficient that it can actually tell you what music is missing from your list that was recorded by the artist you have specified, and can locate any missing songs for you. tracks artists played on up to 15,000 radio stations that can be heard online or streamed to your MP3 player or smart phone. To begin the process of finding music for you simply type of music you like into the search bar. After typing in an example of an artist that you like, click expand and it will automatically be matched to others that are a like it. The logic on the backend of reads your musical tastes and suggests genres, artists, and songs similar to the one that you like.  Your musical tastes can vary as wildly from Rush, to Saosin, to Matisyahu and you should still be able to find new artists that will suit your ears.

Another way that you can get suggestions is to download a program from a website that offers this service to your iPod or computer. It will monitor what you listen to, and then suggest similar tunes. Many music websites also allow you to simply type in the name of your favorite artist, and they will display others with similar styles and sounds.

If you have a Zune MP3 player, you can easily find similar artists to the ones you love on the Zune Music website. There is a slightly different twist in how this website works, because they will show you artists who were influenced by your favorite star. This means that these performers are newer singers who developed their style partially based on your favorite singer’s style. You can listen to previews of songs as well. Apple iTunes has a Genius Sidebar that is enacted when you select a song from your library. The Genius then recommends other similar songs that you can preview or purchase from the website.