Music Trends

Music trends have changed over the past 50 years, and most of the changes are due to advances in technology. Today’s instruments are able to create sounds that were not possible years ago, and technology has made it possible for musicians to use synthesizers and other equipment to alter the sound of their music. With some modern equipment, the sounds of many different instruments can be created without actually having a musician playing that instrument. Another major way that technology has influenced music trends is that with the Internet. Anyone with a Web connection can discover and listen to performers from around the country or around the world right here at Before the development and popularity of the Internet, many talented bands and singers who were popular in one part of the U.S. were virtually unknown in other areas of the country.

Today, musicians put songs on the Internet and they may become popular through You Tube or other websites that people use to listen to music. The goal of many modern musicians is to upload a session of their performance that can be shown on a website like You Tube. They often create a music video to coordinate with their song, and when Web users connect online and hear it, they then post it on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Their friends hear about the music when they see their friend’s social media page. They then listen to it as well. Doing this is the modern “word of mouth” method that spreads very fast with the speed of the Internet. This was unthinkable before the Internet became so popular.

Modern music has transformed into many different genres, whereas some years ago there were standard genres, such as jazz, classical, pop, and more. Today’s music is often a combination of several genres. This has resulted in many sub-genres of music, allowing alternative bands and others to find a niche where there once was none. has more information on modern music and the popular genres that drive many performers forward in their careers. Pop music has remained popular through the ages and probably will stay that way for a long time, but even pop styles have become blended with rap, classical, and country in many cases. Popular singers are sometimes referred to as “cross-over” performers because they perform both country and pop songs. The clear lines that once defined where music fit into a category are not so clear anymore.

Instruments and electronics have continued to improve as well, thanks to the growth of technology. One music trend that may not be a positive one is that musical talent is not really required in creating music today, especially when it comes to pop or rock music. Anyone with technological knowledge can buy a music software program that is a lot like having a music studio in your home. There is no need to pay members of a band when music is created in this way. By simply choosing the sound of a particular instrument and mixing the tune until the desired sound is created, a hit can be created.  Amazingly, it is done with very little cash, whereas it may cost millions of dollars to produce a song in a large music studio.

One music trend that remains is the popularity of live performances. Music stars and older bands perform around the world because the love of seeing and hearing music remains. Concert goers often notice the differences in sounds when they hear a pop star perform live. The live performance reveals the true talent of the singer without the use of modern music software that corrects voices and adds depth and character to music.