Music Databases

Music databases are online resources where you can find information about the type of music you like. There are various types of music databases and all you have to do is to choose the one that best suits your preferences. is a search engine that permits music lovers to look for new artists and bands which are strongly associated to their favorites. Its graphic interface allows you to see how the groups have a musical relationship with your favorite artist. All you have to do is to enter your favorite artist in the provided search bar and a circle will show on the music map. You can click on the circle and select to expand it to explore it further.

The site allows you to look for fresh musical artists that have a style similar to your favorite music performers. In only a few seconds, you will be able to find similar music styles as well as save a music artist list if you like. All it needs is an easy drag and drop process. If while listening to music, you happen to hear a song that you like, you can check it on the site to know the bands which also use the same style. The software that is working to generate the results is very beneficial in that it will be able to assist you in finding similar musicians whom you may also like.  You can also find albums recorded by your favorite music artist that are missing from the collection.  You can locate missing songs in a similar manner. can track music artists that are played on 15,000 radio stations which can be listened to online, streamed on your smart phone or your MP3 player.  To start the procedure of looking for music, you can simply type the music you want into the site’s search bar. reads the music of your choice and suggests artists, songs and genres which are similar to your musical taste. A twist which makes this site work different than other websites is that it will show you the music artists who are influenced by your chosen artist. This means that these artists are newer performers that developed the style they have partly, based on the style of your favorite singer.

Another way to obtain suggestions is through downloading a program from a certain website which presents this service to your computer or iPod. It will check the music you listen to and recommend similar tunes. A lot of music websites permit you to easily input the name of your favorite music artist, and then display other music artists that also use the same sounds and styles.

This type of music database offers many advantages as you can find as much new music and undiscovered artists as you want.  If you are interested in the latest rising rock stars and performers, this site is the ideal choice for you. Through this site, you can find similar styles to that of your musical taste.  Whether you want to listen to new performers or only want to get a collection of the songs of your favorite singer, is just the tool for you.