Modern Music Consumption

Modern music consumption is much different today than it was only a few years ago. The main focus of modern music consumption is choice.’s many music enthusiasts have countless ways to choose the songs that they listen to. Savvy music lovers seldom listen to AM radio any longer, and the number of FM listeners is likewise dwindling as people turn to pay-to-listen satellite networks with the capability of accessing music from all around the world. Listeners who value music and can afford to spend a little bit of money on music each month can now choose the music that they want to hear at home, work, or in the car.

Many music lovers use iTunes software to organize and play their collections of digital media on their computer. It is also used to organize and play music on an MP3 player or on an iPod. Music from a computer can easily be transferred to the iTunes library. Songs can also be imported from a CD to an iTunes folder. Modern music consumption is fast and easy with iTunes because it allows you to make a playlist of your favorite songs by simply dragging and dropping songs from your library to your playlist. When you want a new playlist, it is also easy to do by dragging the unwanted songs off of the playlist.

Transferring music from the iTunes library or playlist on your computer to your iPod is very simple to do. Just plug the iPod into a port on the computer. When the computer recognizes the device, songs or a playlist can be moved to the iPod icon. They are then loaded onto the iPod. Apple’s iTunes software can also be used to load music onto an MP3 player by using these easy steps. Certain songs can be deleted from a playlist by clicking on them and confirming that you do want to delete it when the prompt pops up.

Music lovers also access their tunes from Amazon, an online website department store that happens to have a cloud player with over 18 million songs. lets you find how these millions of songs are related.  Whether you prefer the Corrs or Cormega, MusicPlasma can help you find like sounding artists.  Once they are downloaded and added to a playlist, they can be played on the Web, an Android, a Clie, a Palm device, or on an iPad or other device. Amazon also has a very big selection of MP3 downloads as well as a plethora of CDs featuring artists from every genre. If a song is available anywhere, Amazon probably has it on their website. If there is a certain song that someone hears on the radio and wants to buy it for their MP3 player, this is possible to do at Amazon.

CDs can be purchased from many music stores, both online and in malls and other shopping areas. They can then be added to a library on iTunes and transferred to an MP3 or iPod. CDs can also be played from a computer, a car stereo system, or from a CD player. The problem with CDs is that they need to be stored somewhere, whereas tunes that are purchased online are still accessible, but no storage is necessary.

P2P networks are another option for modern music consumption, and although there are sometimes risks to the person downloading unauthorized music, file sharing is still practiced by many. Napster was one of the most popular P2P networks until it was shut down due to copyright infringements. Although P2P networks “share” music, there can be consequences to someone downloading the music, including many viruses that are on sharing networks. recommends avoiding such networks are they are usually not worth the risk and effort required when can you purchase MP3s for less than 1 dollar each from legitimate music services.

Services like Pandora and Spotify are similar to iTunes because they have access to millions of songs in every genre from Fats Domino to Lupe Fiasco for users to listen to and download. They also have similar functions, such as the ability of creating a playlist. Free versions of these services are available, but after every song or two there is an advertisement that cannot be stopped without upgrading to the paid version. For a small monthly fee, those who are serious about their music have the option of joining the service. They can then listen without any disturbing interruptions.